Migrate standalone NoTouch Center into Virtual Appliance

If you have a standalone NoTouch Center installation, e.g. on a Windows machine that was created using our simple Windows installer, but now want to migrate this data into the Stratodesk Virtual Appliance, these few steps are to be taken:

  1. Ensure that your NoTouch Center installation is at least 4.1.24. If not, update your NoTouch Center installation.
  2. Log in to NoTouch Center, click on "Service Center", then on "Support" and finally on "Migration Export". A file will be downloaded to your machine.
  3. Log in to your Virtual Appliance, click on the "Backup" main menu item, and then on "Restore prior backup". Upload the migration export file on the next screen.
  4. Most likely your old NoTouch Center instance hosts client OS firmware images which are not part of the migration export (that could make HUGE migration export files). Get these LFI files from the images folder in your old installation and upload them to the VA by clicking on "OS images" in the main menu and then "Upload OS image". Alternatively you can re-download them from Stratodesk.
  5. Our advice is to shutdown the old machine and assign its IP address to the new VA. If that is not possible, please follow these instructions: IP address change

That's it. You are all set now.

Note for users of external databases (e.g. MS-SQL and Oracle)

This migration procedure will migrate your database data into the builtin MySQL database, even if your old NoTouch Center instance was using an external Oracle or Microsoft SQL server, or an external MySQL server. That means, after this procedure, your external MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL database will not be used any more unless you change database settings.

In general, we recommend to use builtin MySQL database when using the Virtual Appliance. It is well suited for the task, installed properly, makes life easier as a VA snapshot/backup will also be a database snapshot/backup.

If you really want to continue using your external database, please follow these instructions here to change the database configuration to use your existing database server: Database configuration

Note for users of LISCON Management Console

The same procedure as described above applies to users of LISCON Management Console - there are a few parameter changes that you might want to consider, please read here: Migration LISCON to NoTouch