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TeamViewer is a screen-sharing and remote collaboration product made by TeamViewer GmbH. TeamViewer can be used to provide online support to your endusers. It is included in some OS images on both PC and Raspberry Pi.

Most likely, TeamViewer will be used as a Shadowing alternative, please see the article about Shadowing for more information. You do not need to enable the Shadowing parameters, TeamViewer is independent of the VNC-based builtin shadowing.

Start TeamViewer



If installed, TeamViewer can be started via the Ctrl-Alt-T hotkey. Hotkeys can of course be customized or even disabled.


It could also be configured as a Connection, which then offers a desktop icon and/or a start menu entry to execute the application directly from the desktop, as an alternative to the hotkey-based start.

Installation of a custom TeamViewer

If you are using an OS image that does not contain TeamViewer or want to run a different version, there's an easy mechanism available to load the official binaries during boot time if needed.

This method is currently only available for PC/x86 images and TeamViewer 12.

  1. Retrieve the latest TeamViewer package for "Other Linux" i386 in tar.xz format from www.teamviewer.com
    • It must be Linux i386 tar.xz.
  2. Put the package on any webserver in your environment, or use the Virtual Appliance to host the file
  3. Finally, the resulting link of the TeamViewer package needs to be configured for the parameter "Extension -> Teamviewer URL" in the client configuration, so that the enpoints can properly access the necessary files during boot time
  4. Reboot the clients once, afterwards, TeamViewer is available locally on each device and ready for use