Integrate ControlUp to help Monitor and Troubleshoot endpoints

Integrating ControlUp allows administrators to monitor their NoTouch endpoints in the same console as the backend services

Stratodesk enables ControlUp for VDI Thin Clients by integrating it in NoTouch DesktopControlUp is supported in NoTouch OS images as of 3.4.95.

This also includes support for 

ControlUp Edge DX

ControlUp Remote DX

In NoTouch Center  / Group Settings /  Services

Locate ControlUp settings

Here you can enable Edge DX or Remote DX as appropriate

For Edge DX  you will need to Start the Service and provide the Tenant ID as well as the Edge DX registration code

For Remote DX you will need to add the URL for the correct files for Citrix or VMware as needed for your environment


Control UP Remote - Edge-1

For Citrix Remote DX you will also need to select

Your Citrix Connection \ Citrix Workspace App \ Enable ControlUp Remote DX 

Citrix Remote DX

For VMware Horizon Remote DX you will also need to select

Your VMware Connection \ VMware Horizon View \ ControlUp Remote DX  

Citrix Remote DX