Provision Custom Icons to NoTouch OS using NoTouch Center

Customizing a user icon can enhance the user experience. Icons can be delivered and managed centrally using NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center allows creation of Custom Icons minimum version requirements - NoTouch Center 4.4.280 and NoTouch OS 3.2.969

  • Custom Icon Control

The custom icon can be assigned three ways. Either Icons Uploaded, Connection Icon URL or via Favicon support

  • The first upload your preferred icon direct into NoTouch Center.


Then go to your connection and set the ‘Connection Icon Mode’ & ‘Connection Icon Uploaded’ parameters and then announce the changes.


  • You can also configure the icon by pointing to a url. If the url method is used, then the favicon parameter does not need to be set.


  • Favicon - If this option is selected, the desktop Icon will be represented by the appropriate Icon from the target website.