Evidian Identity and Access Management with NoTouch OS

Evidian is a touchless (RFID-based) authentication system. NoTouch supports Evidian-based RFID authentication for Citrix, VMware Horizon View, rdesktop and FreeRDP connections.

Configuring Evidian support

The basic operating principle is that an existing, configured and working connection will be "supercharged" with Evidian support.

  1. Make sure you have your regular VDI connection set up and that you can log in with username and password
  2. Enable the PCSC/smartcard service under "Services" options.
    • Yes, this module is responsible for RFIDs too. You need to enable it!
  3. Configure Evidian
    1. Activate the Evidian service in the "Evidian" section of the "Services" parameters
    2. Set the Evidian connection name parameter to the name of your VDI connection
    3. Set the "SOAP URL" parameter to contain the correct Evidian SOAP service URL
    4. Set the "Secrect string" parameter correctly for your Evidian service


NoTouch only supports RFID based Evidian authentication, not smartcard-based Evidian. Also, so far it has only been tested with Omnikey RFID readers.