GUI mode provides customization of the Local Workspace

GUI mode provides customization of the local workspace to provide the preferred user experience

"GUI mode" was a parameter in NoTouch OS to control certain aspects of the desktop. It has been deprecated since 2010 and was available until end of 2015. After its final removal, please see here how to configure in "new style":

  • Custom. This was the default. If you had GUI mode on "custom", there is nothing to be done.
  • Desktop. This is the same as Custom. Normally you should not have to do anything here either. However, please check that these parameters are set to their defaults:
    • Window manager / Taskbar = on
    • Window manager / Control Center = off
  • Kiosk. Please set these parameters:
    • Window manager / Taskbar = off
    • Window manager / Control Center = on