NoTouch Center "RBAC" to Create "Roles"

Many larger customers or Service Providers might have the need to assign administrative responsibilities to just one or a few groups. This guide goes through the step needed to achieve just that.

Step 1 Create the required role

Press the User-cogwheel icon in the top right corner of NoTouch Center and 
select Roles.

Press Create Role to create a role with a descriptive name and set the login and authentication rules as desired. From the rights list search and turn on the  following (suggestion, adjust as needed):

  • Login/Interactive via User Interface
    • Needed to be able to log into NoTouch Center web console
  • View Identify
    • Ability to see devices that has done an identify request
  • Tools and Tools/Search
  • View MKey Failures
  • VDI Client Images/View

NOTE: Don’t grant too many permissions on this level as that will affect all your  groups!

Remember to Save the role when you are done defining the rights for the role.

Step 2: Configure group permissions

Click on the group (the folder icon of the group you want to assign rights to, not the group settings) that you want to assign rights to, and then select ACL from the top. Find the role you just created and click Edit Rights. Assign the rights you want the role to have for this group and then when click Save.

TIP: Use one of the pre-defined roles (or one you created before) as a baseline.  Use Apply Template or Clone Rights of an Existing Role. If you want, you can tune the rights within the role individually.
If you want the role to manage multiple groups, repeat the above procedure for the other groups.Step

3: Create User to and add to Role

From the User-cogwheel create a user and add it to the role you just created.  You of course also use a user that you had created earlier.

Step 4: Test

Open a new private window in your browser and log in with your newly created user and ensure it have the rights you wanted. Adjust as required.