NoTouch Center 4.5.515 (January 2024)

Here are Release Notes for NoTouch Center version 4.5.515 Please read and update after a snapshot and backing up configuration


  • Recursive Value Operations executed on a connection parameter are limited to same-name connections only
  • IBM parameter values renamed
  • Sync parameters with OS
  • Remove Nashorn deprecation warning
  • Increase Websocket data size limit

Fixed Issues

  • Fix Chrome connection not appearing
  • Fix license counter issue with regards to OEM devices

Security Updates

  • Update pure Java SSH to newer JSch 0.2.15 library (CVE-2023-48795)
  • Please note that by default, the system's native SSH binary will be used. Therefore ensure that your system gets Ubuntu updates and a patched OpenSSH to mitigate against CVE-2023-48795.