NoTouch OS 3.3.463 Release Notes (Jan 25, 2022)

Here are Release Notes for NoTouch OS version 3.3.463. Please read and update a subset of devices in QA first

Update, as of January 25th, 2022: NoTouch OS is not affected by CVE-2021-4034 (pwnkit). The suggested mitigation ("no setuid bit on pkexec") has been standard for years in NoTouch OS. Neither the current, nor older versions are affected.




  • Nutanix Frame: Update Frame client to 6.9.0 (EEf images only)
  • Add PULSE_SERVER env var for Zoom's VDI plugins
  • Add parameters to control/disable VAAPI / VDPAU
  • VMware Horizon: Minor configuration file updates
  • VMware Horizon: Add typematic parameters for VMware Horizon
  • Improve Radeon support

Security Updates

  • Pull upstream packages for CVE-2021-4034. (Note: NoTouch OS has never been vulnerable due to the setuid-bit not being set for pkexec)


Component Version
Amazon Workspaces
CCID 1.4.34-1
CUPS 2.1.3-4u0.11
Caradigm Client 1.0-6
Certmonger 0.79.7-1
Chromium 1:98.0.4758.9-0u1~ppa2~18.04.1
Cisco VPN AnyConnect 4.10.02086
Citrix HDX RTME 2.9.400-2702
Citrix Workspace App (Alt.) 20.12
Citrix Workspace App
ControlUp 2021-05-14
CoolKey 1.1.0-15u1
Devacon Brainworks 201
Dropbear 2020.81
Evidian User Access 1.5.7749
FabulaTech Plugins 3.7.3
FabulaTech Scanner
FabulaTech USB 6.0.28
FabulaTech Webcam 2.8.10
Firefox 88.0+build2-0u0.16.04.1
FreeRDP 2.x 2.x-8dc782d009
GStreamer 0.10 0.10.36
GStreamer 1.0 1.16.2
Glibc 2.31-0u9.2
Imprivata Bootstrap Loader 1.0.537068
Imprivata OneSign Client 1.0-335
Inuvika OVD EDC 3.0.0
Java Runtime openjdk-11.0.13+8-0ubuntu2~20.04
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) 1.2-20220112
Node.js 10.19.0~dfsg-3ubuntu1
Nuance Extension 2021-08-09_1435
OMNIKEY CCID 4.3.3-3-a973c36ed296
OpenConnect 8.02-1build1
OpenSC 0.20.0-3
OpenVPN 2.4.7-1u2.20.04.3
Oracle SGD 5.60.514
PCSC 1.8.26-3
Parallels RAS 18.1.22712
Philips SpeechMike 13.1.10
PuTTY 0.74
PulseAudio 1:13.99.1-1u3.11
Python 3.8.10-0u1~20.04
Signotec VC 8.0.7
TCOS SmartCards 1.8.0
Teradici PCoIP 21.03.0-18.04
TigerVNC 1.11.0+dfsg-2
Tzdata 2021e-0u0.20.04
VMware Horizon View 2111-8.4.1-18957622
VMware Horizon(R) Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business
WPASupplicant 2.9-1u4.3
Webkit2GTK 2.32.4-0u0.18.04.1
YubiKey 2.2.0
eGalaxTouch 2.5.7413