NoTouch OS 3.3.660 Release Notes (March 2022)

This file describes changes between software releases. Please note that not all features may be present in a specific build or version due to license, space or other restrictions. Check your specific documentation for more information.

New Features

  • New standard kernel k514 (with SecureBoot)
  • Out of box experience: Enable graphical tools for monitor, audio and network
  • Redesign First Time Wizard
  • Citrix: Update Citrix Workspace App to 2203 ( [PC (x86/x64), Multi-Arch]


  • VMware Horizon: Update VMware Horizon View client to 2111.1-8.4.1-19480456
  • Update tray icon styling
  • Better printer naming and ordering
  • Update Chromium
  • Update Firefox
  • Nutanix Frame: Update Frame client to 6.10.0
  • Frame Client now in standard EEs image
  • Improve banner display and enhance our tcdlg2 tool
  • Support Webex Meetings
  • Precreate container in ISO image, shortening time of first live boot
  • Update Inuvika OVD client to 3.1.0
  • Update Raspberry Pi standard kernel to k515 firmware/kernel to 5.15.26/f47c013704 [Raspberry Pi]
  • Update Raspberry Pi k510 firmware/kernel to 5.10.95/6159b7c119 [Raspberry Pi]
  • FreeRDP: Update FreeRDP 2.0 to d337ea9c16
  • Teradici PCoIP: Remove Teradici PCoIP license gate as per their new policy
  • Teradici PCoIP: Update Teradici PCoIP client to 22.01.2
  • UEFI SecureBoot with kernels 5.10, 5.11, 5.13, 5.14, 5.15
  • wpa_supplicant: Add anonymous identity support to all auth modes
  • Citrix: Only set AuthManLiteEnabled when necessary
  • Use fkms on Raspberry Pi 3 and kernel versions >4.19 [Raspberry Pi]
  • Citrix: Explicit Storebrowse clear-out on screen locker
  • FreeRDP: Better escaping and checking of parameters
  • VMware Horizon: Add RTAV camera parameters
  • Introduce pavucontrol as parametrized audio control tool
  • Allow to easily auto-install Chromium extensions
  • Genesis: Auto-Reboot on timeout
  • Genesis: Better visual indication of installation
  • Genesis: Cleaned up main menu
  • Genesis: Add SSH-in option
  • Genesis Installer: Move the Wipe option to Advanced Menu
  • Update OpenConnect to 8.20
  • Microsoft Teams: Added possibility to add cmdline parameter
  • Wyse 5470 defaults
  • Activate DRI3 for HP t430
  • Improve Firefox non-root mode
  • Various device firmware updates
  • Minor Zoom install updates
  • Microphone Mute improvements (ACPI events etc)
  • Specific support for HP mt22 mic mute button
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Better logging
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Implement PKCE auth workflow

Fixed Issues

  • Fix sshcmd over websocket

Security Updates

  • Pull upstream kernel updates for CVE-2022-23960, CVE-2022-0001, CVE-2022-0002, CVE-2022-0847, CVE-2022-25636, CVE-2022-0742
  • Pull upstream OpenSSL updates for CVE-2022-0778

Obsoleted functionality

  • Caradigm SSO support removed