NoTouch OS 3.5.428 (March 2024)

NoTouch OS 3.5.428 (March 2024)

New Features

  • Support TechEx MWPlay [x64, PC (x86/x64)]


  • VMware Horizon: Update VMware Horizon View client to 2312-8.12.0-23092726
  • Update Olympus to 4.0.4-0-gfaad99a
  • Update Evidian User Access to 1.5.8705
  • Update Inuvika to 3.3.1 [x64, PC (x86/x64)]
  • Leostream update to [x64, PC (x86/x64)]


  • Monitor Tool: Reconnect to acpid if necessary
  • Citrix: Use Citrix default for IgnoreErrors
  • Module updates: Dbus, Kmod, Sqlite3
  • Port Minibrowser to Gtk4 (amd64 only) [x64, PC (x86/x64)]
  • Webkit updates
  • Move k606 images to k607
  • Support Palo Alto VPN to
  • Switch to default rtl8852ae driver
  • Gnutls updates
  • Support WOL config in Network Manager
  • Genesis: Use signed Grub by default [x64, PC (x86/x64)]
  • Various OpenConnect updates
  • Various update to Zoom plugins for Citrix and VMware Horizon View
  • Misc usability/stability updates to Palo Alto VPN
  • Correct BCR configuration
  • Update libcamera
  • Nicer default User-Agent: HTTP header in management communication
  • Add ability to set custom User-Agent: HTTP header
  • Citrix: Add parameter to select specific store
  • Improve downloader to deal with servers not sending ETags
  • Add auto-restart switch to Onboard configuration

Fixed Issues

  • Monitor tool: Fix lid close event
  • Fix GNUTLS linking issue
  • Fix Chromium slow-startup issue
  • Imprivata: Fix Imprivata/RFIdeas/Fingerprint issue that was introduced in the last release
  • FWUPD: Fix non-starting issue
  • Fix Raspberry Pi 4 configuration issue [Raspberry Pi]
  • Fix "websocket already open" issue
  • Fix mcstatus generation

Obsoleted functionality

  • Remove GStreamer 0.10 (except i386)