NoTouch OS 3.5.550 (April 2024)

NoTouch OS 3.5.550 (April 2024)


  • FreeRDP: Update FreeRDP 3 to d864393a8a
  • Update OpenJRE to Java 17 [x64, arm64]
  • Azure Virtual Desktop/Windows 365: Incorporate upstream AVD/W365 updates
  • Parallels RAS: Update Parallels RAS client to 19.3.2 (24677) [x64]
  • Nutanix Frame: Update Dizzion-Frame client to 7.4.0 [x64]
  • Update Evidian User Access to 1.5.8825


  • Amazon WorkSpaces: Amazon Workspaces client support update to 2024.0.4707 (not included)
  • Properly support updating on various mmcblk and nvme block devices
  • Citrix: Sync config files with newer defaults, cleanups
  • Teradici PCoIP: New "HP Anyware" naming
  • NICE DCV: Allow to side load NICE DCV without reboot
  • Add more modem utils to NetworkManager
  • Support output name in mapplet profiles
  • Add sof firmware to k607 and k608
  • Switch the secondary Workspace App version to 23.03 from 20.12
  • Improvements for root part on vfat
  • Update to fuse3
  • Azure Virtual Desktop/Windows 365: Add a flag to disable playing of Teams notify audio
  • On Pi 3, display proper remote management message [Raspberry Pi]
  • Citrix: hdxcheck update

Fixed Issues

  • Azure Virtual Desktop/Windows 365: Fix a VC related crash of the AVD/W365 Client
  • Citrix: Fix a keyboard/keystroke related crash of Citrix Workspace App
  • NICE DCV: Fix NICE DCV side loading issue

Obsoleted functionality

  • Remove support for long-deprecated Flash Player
  • Remove Citrix HDX RTME
  • Remove Citrix Workspace Hub and Citrix SDA (Secondary Display Adapter for Pi3) [Raspberry Pi]
  • Remove RCMD (superseded by WebSocket)