NoTouch OS First Time Wizard.

For configuring NoTouch OS locally from Factory resets.

When booting NoTouch OS for the first time or directly after resetting to factory defaults, the desktop is started with default settings and the "First Time Wizard" is started.

This screen shows you:

  • Hostname. In the upper left corner the system's self-chosen hostname is displayed.
  • IP address. The IP address received from DHCP is displayed. In case you do not have a DHCP server or no working network connection, this field is empty.
  • Taskbar. The taskbar, much alike an ordinary desktop operating system, shows buttons for each running program, respectively each open window.
  • Start menu. Click on the start menu to access the configuration, reboot or shutdown the device. Since this is "first boot", no sessions are displayed.

To proceed with the First Time Wizard, just press the "Next" button. If you do not like going through the wizard, though not recommended, you can click on "Skip wizard" - you will then have to set the basic system settings manually.