Nutanix/Dizzion Frame Connections in NoTouch

How to create a Nutanix/Dizzion Frame Desktop Connection using the NoTouch Solution

Nutanix Frame Connection

Stratodesk supports connections to Nutanix Frame. The Frame client is not currently included in GA EEs images, but is available on request in our EEf images so please contact Stratodesk directly for access to this image.

To create a connection, go to your group and select ‘New Connection’


For ‘Connection Mode’ select ‘Nutanix Frame from the dropdown menu and the enter the ‘Connection Target’ for your server. This can be either an IP or DNS address.


Announce the changes to the endpoint.

When the Nutanix Frame client launches, login with your username & password. If the desktop does not launch in full screen, click the full screen option in the task bar as shown below.