Out Of Memory error resolution in NoTouch Center

The JVM may give a Out of Memory error if available memory on the Virtual Appliance is insufficient. JVM memory usage can be modified

General information

The OutOfMemory exception indicates that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has run out of free memory.

Some features like "Reports" requires more virtual memory due to the number of clients, groups and sessions in your NoTouch Center environment.

Stratodesk Virtual Appliance

If using the Stratodesk Virtual Appliance and getting an Out Of Memory error you need to assign more memory to the Virtual Appliance - please consult the documentation of your virtualization environment how to add more memory to virtual machine. NoTouch Center will automatically get a portion of the memory, so you don't need to change anything inside the Virtual Appliance.

Unsupported hint: Should, for whatever reason, you want or have to modify JVM memory settings, you can use SSH login and edit the file /etc/init/center.conf to adapt the java command line to your needs, such as adding a -Xmx parameter.

In case 1024m (1024MB/1GB) is not sufficient, you can increase the value; for example -Xmx2048m mean one 2GB should be used.

Generic instructions

Make sure Java is started with the "-Xmx" option and a reasonable value. If you run NTC with the standard Java command such as java -jar lib/core.jar, just modify this to java -Xmx256m -jar lib/core.jar or edit the start.sh file if you use that to start NTC.