Reboot/Shutdown Service in NoTouch

The Reboot/Shutdown service allows you to schedule a given time in Cron format to reboot or shut down the devices with this configuration.

From a user perspective, a dialog box will pop up on the screen if you are idle asking if you would like to reboot, shut down, or cancel. By default, there is a timeout so if the user does not select anything, it will automatically shut down. If the user selects cancel, the default time interval for the dialog box to pop up again would be 1 hour (see note: Dialog Has Timeout).

Reboot/Shutdown Parameters


The settings for this can be found in the Services section for the device or group in NoTouch Center. Please keep in mind that since this is a service, you will need to Announce and reboot the clients before any configuration change takes effect.

The parameters are as follows:

Reboot/Shutdown|Start Service - Must be activated for the service to work.

Reboot/Shutdown|Start Time (Crontab Format) - The exact time or interval you want to reboot or shut down, the parameter is in crontab format (0 20 * * * would be every day at 8:00 pm).

Reboot/Shutdown|Ask User Interval (Minutes) - The amount of time in minutes until the next prompt for the user to select shutdown, reboot, or cancel if the user previously canceled. If it is canceled twice, on the next interval, it will automatically shut down. If the user doesn’t select anything, it will automatically shut down (the default action can be changed to reboot, see below).

Reboot/Shutdown|Custom Message - This shows the message you want to display instead of the default.

Reboot/Shutdown|Do Not Check Idletime on First Call - Disables the check of idle time before prompting.

Reboot/Shutdown|Dialog's Default Action is Reboot - If the user doesn’t select anything before the timeout, the default action is to reboot instead of shut down.

Reboot/Shutdown|Dialog Has Timeout - If on, there will be a timeout of approximately 5 seconds by default to choose an option. If off, removes the timeout and requires the user to select one of the options.

Reboot/Shutdown|Dialog Timeout (Seconds) - Allows you to change how long the timeout should last for in seconds.