NoTouch OS 3.4.364 EAR Release Notes (Jan 2023)

Here are Release Notes for NoTouch OS version 3.4.364. Please read and update a subset of devices in QA first

NoTouch OS 3.4.364 (January 2023)


  • Citrix: Update Citrix Workspace App to 2212 (
  • VMware Horizon: Update VMware Horizon View client to 2212-8.8.0-21079016
  • FreeRDP: Update FreeRDP 3.0 to 275741cc75
  • Update Palo Alto VPN
  • Update Inuvika OVD client to 3.2.0 [PC (x86/x64)]
  • Update Firefox ESR packages
  • WebEx Teams and WebEx Meetings updates


  • SecureBoot update
  • VMware Horizon: Main view-mandatory-config; add .keepViewMandatoryConfig sentinel functionality
  • VMware Horizon: New Hide Client after Launch Session parameter and functionality
  • Amazon WorkSpaces: Amazon Workspaces repo update
  • Firefox: Firefox profiles folder location
  • cmd connection now supports macro expansion
  • Mapplet/Monitor Tool: Support default resolution overriding
  • Use Java Webstart for jnlp files by default
  • Xorg, Chromium stack updates [Raspberry Pi]
  • Udev fido devices configuration
  • Leostream: Add PCoIP support to Leostream
  • Improve Imprivata VMware View kiosk startup
  • MS Surface builds now uses kernel 6.1.2
  • Add ibus/Japanese Input Helper
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Internal refactoring of AVD/Azure login code

Fixed Issues

  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): Fix Virtual Machine AVD login graphics issue
  • VMware Horizon: VMware Horizon client doesn't read password if kiosk mode is activated
  • Fix Palo Alto VPN DNS problem with Network Manager
  • Fix reboot issue on Wyse 3040
  • Fix DisplayLink drivers in k517
  • Fix auto-mount issue on Raspberry Pi [Raspberry Pi]