NoTouch Center 4.5.183 Release Notes (Sep 25, 2021)

Here are Release Notes for NoTouch Center version 4.5.183. Please read and update after a snapshot and backing up configuration



  • Sync parameters with OS
  • Also fetch OpenH264 2.1.1 when requested to download

Fixed Issues

  • Distribute connection should not be disturbed by the "OS Image" parameter
  • Fix negative ACL rights inference for top-level objects
  • Fix a potential error on report generation


Component Version
Eclipse Jetty 9.4.43.v20210629
MySQL Connector/J 8.0.26
Velocity Engine 2.3
Velocity Tools 3.1
Apache Struts2 2.5.26
Log4j 2.14.1

Virtual Appliance

NoTouch OS 4.5.183 is contained in Stratodesk Virtual Appliance 20210925. The Appliance is set to update automatically, minor version numbers will change over time.

Component Version
Appliance Base OS Ubuntu Linux 18.04
MySQL 5.7
Java Runtime 11.0.11
PHP 7.2
NGINX 1.14.0