Sample Syntax

This page provides samples of Syntax to be used in NoTouch Center or NoTouch OS

Bookmarks - Loading Bookmarks or multiple web pages from NoTouch Center - http:/,

FreeRDP - Improve video performance with Pi based devices - User defined parameter /gfx:RFX

Predefined Hosts - Specify Hosts in hosts file -,

User Defined Hotkeys - Alt+Ctrl+y=/bin/announceNow

Delimiter - Delimiters are used in NoTouch to separate options or parameters that may be passed to NoTouch OS. (see above where Bookmarks are separated by a comma) Delimiters are often a comma "," but may also be a pipe "|". If pipe is to be used as a delimiter, it must be specified as part of the parameters such as DELIM=|--window-position=1280,0|parameter2|parameter3. In that sample DELIM=| specifies that the Pipe character will be used as the delimiter. A custom delimiter may also be other characters, but must be specified as noted.