Sample Syntax while using NoTouch

NoTouch has many options to provide customizations and enhancements to the user experience. Listed are some examples of syntax in an option

This page provides samples of Syntax to be used in NoTouch Center or NoTouch OS

Bookmarks - Loading Bookmarks or multiple web pages from NoTouch Center - http:/,

FreeRDP - Improve video performance with Pi based devices - User defined parameter /gfx:RFX

Predefined Hosts - Specify Hosts in hosts file -,

User Defined Hotkeys - Alt+Ctrl+y=/bin/announceNow

Delimiter - Delimiters are used in NoTouch to separate options or parameters that may be passed to NoTouch OS. (see above where Bookmarks are separated by a comma) Delimiters are often a comma "," but may also be a pipe "|". If pipe is to be used as a delimiter, it must be specified as part of the parameters such as DELIM=|--window-position=1280,0|parameter2|parameter3. In that sample DELIM=| specifies that the Pipe character will be used as the delimiter. A custom delimiter may also be other characters, but must be specified as noted.