Set Static Screen Resolution on a NoTouch Device

This article compliments the Monitor Control Tool article to describe the leading practices for setting up a static display resolution in NoTouch Center

As a note, for any changes you make in NoTouch Center (NTC), ensure the changes are performed at the correct hierarchical level in the Stratodesk device tree.

Setting a specific, static display resolution on NoTouch Operating System (NTOS) device can be performed via the NoTouch Center (NTC) display settings section.

Before setting a resolution, please ensure that you go to the “configuration” setting on the NTOS device in question and look in the “Debug Information”  and then the “Screen” section.   In this section, it will list all of the screen resolutions supported on the device running NTOS.

To do a “hot” monitor plugin or change in resolution without a reboot, the Stratodesk Monitor Control Tool would need to be utilized.  In this article, we are forcing the resolution NOT using the Monitor Control Tool.  As such, in NTC, ensure you set the following “Start Monitor Control Tool” to OFF in display section:

Start Monitor Control Tool Pic

In NTC, set the "Resolution" to the desired display resolution for the NTOS device.


You may announce the settings to the device, but you are still required to reboot of the device so that it will pick up the forced display resolution. Once the device is rebooted, it will have been forced to the resolution settings that were set in the NTC console.

Once the device is rebooted, you can verify the resolution is set by pressing CTRL-ALT-S for the settings to display on the NTOS device.