Using a Touchpad on a NoTouch Device

NoTouch OS can utilize Touchscreen capabilities of a device with the ability to optimize the end user experience

On laptops there is usually a touchpad built into the device. Some users opt to use an external mouse, some don't. Depending on the hardware and personal working style, it may be desirable to deactivate the touchpad when you are typing on the keyboard - for instance to avoid inadvertently moving the pointer or clicking somewhere with the back of your hands.

  • Deactivate touchpad if keyboard is used. Master switch for this functionality.
  • Idle time until the touchpad is activated again (seconds). The default is 2, that means after two seconds without any keystroke the touchpad is active again.
  • Poll intervall (milliseconds). The default value is 200. The frequency how often the keyboard activity should be monitored.
  • Only disable tapping and scrolling, not mouse movements. If activated, the touchpad is still able to move the mouse pointer.
  • Ignore modifier keys when monitoring keyboard activity. Exclude Ctrl, Alt, Shift from keyboard monitoring.
  • Ignore modifier+key combos when monitoring keyboard activity. Exclude key combinations (simultaneous key presses of Ctrl, Alt, Shift and other keys) from keyboard monitoring.
  • Use the XRecord extension. This denotes a different way how to monitor the keyboard activity. Use if you have problems.

Furthermore you may add custom parameters to the software powering this functionality, synclient.