Upgrade to new Teams for VDI.

The classic Teams for VDI will reach end of availability on June 30th, 2024. What you need to know.

In early 2024 Microsoft announced will be end of availability by June 2024, and have produced detailed documentation for the migration to the 'New' Teams client for VDI for Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops & VMware Horizon and further information can be found of the following web page

From a Stratodesk perspective, if you're already using the legacy version of Teams which is optimized then no configuration or firmware update changes are needed. We tested with the current EAR 3.5.504 and Teams shows as optimized. The location for checking this has also changed. Go to settings, about teams, and if everything is correctly configured in NoTouch and within the VDI environment, New Teams should show as optimized.

New Teams