NoTouch Local and Remote Web Browser Options

NoTouch supports multiple enterprise browsers both locally and within their VDI, Daas, or CloudPC

Stratodesk makes sure NoTouch has latest versions of the state-of-the-art web browsers integrated, with the most common plugins. Our standard images features Mozilla Firefox, along with a PDF viewer and Adobe Flash plugin as well as Chromium. People use the web browser for example to:

  • access web-based enterprise applications, exclusively or next to VDI connections
  • build a with custom hardware and Stratodesk NoTouch, You can do this by configuring a browser connection, on the Browser tab (Firefox \ Chromium) Command Line Options add the value --kiosk, Announce the settings change and reboot the target device
  • connect to Citrix or other VDI connections that use the browser as frontend.

NoTouch supports many different web browsers. By default both Chromium and Mozilla Firefox are included in NoTouch.

Please refer to the articles about Firefox and Chromium to get information about how to configure a browser connection in standard NoTouch.