Internal CD-ROM and DVD Drive access in NoTouch OS

NoTouch OS allows for extended compatibility with the ability to access CD-ROM and DVD drives on a NoTouch endpoint

NoTouch supports using internal CD-ROM and DVD drives that are connected via IDE/ATAPI or SATA. By default, the driver is not loaded as these devices are getting rare, as of year 2013. To load this driver, please set the parameter "Support for CD-ROM drive" to "on". Later versions of NoTouch call it "Support for internal CD-ROM drive".

You can find this parameter in the "Drives/Printer" section on the client and under "Administration" in NoTouch Center. The client machine needs to reboot for the changes to go in effect. When using NoTouch Center, make sure you announce before rebooting, so that the client gets the parameter change before the reboot.

Loading the driver allows the local operating system to access the device and mount inserted media. As usual in a VDI and Thin Client world, you will most probably want to "map" the device to the server-side (VDI) desktop: Protocols like RDP or ICA/HDX do support mapping of local drives to the server. If that is unavailable, such as with PCoIP you can use Samba to share local drives with other machines or VDI desktops.

Enabling it locally:


Enabling the internal CD/DVD support in NoTouch Center:


Note: This article only talks about internal CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. This parameter has no effect on USB-based CD/DVD drives.