Legacy NoTouch Center Printer Configuration

NoTouch Center allows for the centralization of your Users Printing Environment and configuration on NoTouch devices

Printer configuration is easy in NoTouch. For any NoTouch Center after 4.1.26 or newer, please refer to this article only: Printer configuration

Old NoTouch Center versions (until 4.1.25) did not have separate fields for configuring a printer, in fact just one textfield parameter named "Printer configuration" was used. This textfield parameter had a special syntax using the pipe symbol (|).


Valid Syntax

  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters|standard_tcpport|ppdfile|lpoptions
  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters|standard_tcpport
  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters


printername The printername must not contain spaces or special characters, only letters and numbers are allowed.
url The following are valid values: "com1", "com2", "lpt1", "lpt2", "usb1", "usb2", "tcp://Adress_of_remoteServer" and "lpd://remoteMac/remotePrinter"
drivername The drivername is the exact name of the driver on your Server. You get this information from your server's "printer and fax" - view. Be aware that this is case sensitive.
printer_parameters key/value pairs of the printer parameters delimited by ":", e.g.: "pl=6:pw=132"
standard_tcpport The Thinclient can act as a print server, this defines the listening TCP port (set to "0" if the client shouldn't listen for incoming print jobs)
ppdfile CUPS driver file
lpoptions extended options


  • "|" is used as a delimiter
  • If you are using more than one printer, the printers must be separated by a comma ",".
  • The drivername is the exact name of the driver on the terminal server/VDI desktop.
  • The first printer mentioned in the printcap parameter is the default printer.


  • Two printers, a "magicolor 2200" on com1 and a HP Laserjet via lpd:
    • com1|com1|magicolor 2200 DeskLaser|pl=6:pw=132,officepc1|lpd://officepc1/lp_par|HP Laserjet 2100|
  • One printer - an "HP Laserjet 2100" via lpd:
    • officewrkstn|lpd://officewrkstn/lp_par|HP Laserjet 2100|
  • One printer via CUPS:
    • remoteCupsPrinterName|tcp://addressOfCupsServer||||laserjet.ppd|

Again, this complicated way of defining printer is not use any more. Please refer to Printer configuration for more information.