Legacy NoTouch Center Printer Configuration

Printer configuration is easy in NoTouch. For any NoTouch Center after 4.1.26 or newer, please refer to this article only: Printer configuration

Old NoTouch Center versions (until 4.1.25) did not have separate fields for configuring a printer, in fact just one textfield parameter named "Printer configuration" was used. This textfield parameter had a special syntax using the pipe symbol (|).


Valid Syntax

  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters|standard_tcpport|ppdfile|lpoptions
  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters|standard_tcpport
  • printername|url|drivername|printer_parameters


printername The printername must not contain spaces or special characters, only letters and numbers are allowed.
url The following are valid values: "com1", "com2", "lpt1", "lpt2", "usb1", "usb2", "tcp://Adress_of_remoteServer" and "lpd://remoteMac/remotePrinter"
drivername The drivername is the exact name of the driver on your Server. You get this information from your server's "printer and fax" - view. Be aware that this is case sensitive.
printer_parameters key/value pairs of the printer parameters delimited by ":", e.g.: "pl=6:pw=132"
standard_tcpport The Thinclient can act as a print server, this defines the listening TCP port (set to "0" if the client shouldn't listen for incoming print jobs)
ppdfile CUPS driver file
lpoptions extended options


  • "|" is used as a delimiter
  • If you are using more than one printer, the printers must be separated by a comma ",".
  • The drivername is the exact name of the driver on the terminal server/VDI desktop.
  • The first printer mentioned in the printcap parameter is the default printer.


  • Two printers, a "magicolor 2200" on com1 and a HP Laserjet via lpd:
    • com1|com1|magicolor 2200 DeskLaser|pl=6:pw=132,officepc1|lpd://officepc1/lp_par|HP Laserjet 2100|
  • One printer - an "HP Laserjet 2100" via lpd:
    • officewrkstn|lpd://officewrkstn/lp_par|HP Laserjet 2100|
  • One printer via CUPS:
    • remoteCupsPrinterName|tcp://addressOfCupsServer||||laserjet.ppd|

Again, this complicated way of defining printer is not use any more. Please refer to Printer configuration for more information.