RFideas Proximity Readers Integrated with NoTouch OS

Proximity devices can be integrated into an Imprivata or Caradigm Tap and Go solution using NoTouch

NoTouch supports various RFIDeas pcProx and pcProx Plus models. They can be used for both Imprivata and Caradigm authentication or simply forwarded into a Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View session via generic USB forwarding.

No specific configuration is necessary for RFideas prox readers. When used with Imprivata they'll be automatically configured for that use. That said, the information given in this article is solely for troubleshooting and diagnostic use!

Basic diagnostics

There is a diagnostic utility named rfideascmd on the system that can be used from the Linux command shell, either locally or via SSH. In any case, you must have root rights or it will simply exit with error!

  • When using rfideascmd, switch off Services->Imprivata->Start service parameter and reboot to allow for exclusive access to RFIDeas readers.
  • If you simply run rfideascmd it will try to connect to an RFIDeas reader, wait for a badge tap, and then exit. If no reader is connected, it will wait until one is being plugged in.

That said, the simplest way to find out if badge tap works, is following the above two bullet points.

Command line reference

The rfideascmd utility has a few interesting command line options:

  • -l. List readers (if none is connected, wait until one is connected)
  • -b. Make the reader emit a beep sound.
  • -B. Same as -b, but use a longer beep.
  • -W filename. Get complete reader's complete configuration from its flash memory and write it to a text file (human readable)
  • -R filename. Read configuration text file and write it to the reader's flash memory. This operation will take approximately 1.2 seconds.
  • -F. Factory-reset the reader. (You can see the changes between configuration read-outs before and after). Note: This is safe. You are not destroying anything by factoryresetting your reader. NoTouch will always configure it in the way it is needed to be before use.

By using -U 0 you can essentially disable the waiting for reader hotplugging, in this case rfideascmd will exit immediately if no reader is connected. The rfideascmd utility has others, but we do not recommend to use them in normal diagnostic scenarios (they supposed to be used in an integrated way with Imprivata only.