Configuration of Touchscreens in NoTouch OS

How to configure and optimize a Touchscreen capable Device using NoTouch OS

Touchscreens combine the functionality and features of a monitor and a mouse or, to be more precise, a pointing device. NoTouch does support a certain amount of different touchscreen models. The touchscreen parameters are a subsection of the Input parameters.

  • Touchscreen driver. This parameter allows to select the touchscreen driver to be used. The default value of "None" indicates that no Touchscreen is used.
  • Touchscreen calibration. Contains driver-specific calibration values. May not be used at all by some drivers.
  • Port. Port that the touchscreen is connected to. May not be evaluated by certain drivers.
  • Portraitmode. Touchpanel orientation, can be portrait, landscape or counter-clockwise.
  • Min X. Minimum x axis value.
  • Min Y. Minimum y axis value.
  • Max X. Maximum x axis value.
  • Max Y. Maximum y axis value.
  • SwapXY. Swap x- and y-axis.
  • SwapY. Swap directions on y-axis.
  • On Screen Keyboard (OSK) - To enable OSK, Group \ Device Settings \ Display - Enable OSK - On