URL Prefix is a critical setting for proper communication in NoTouch that may not auto-detect

Bi-directional Communications between NoTouch Center and NoTouch OS devices are reliant on the URL Prefix setting in NoTouch Center

The "URL Prefix" is an important configuration variable in NoTouch Center. It is important because it is the only one that can not reliably auto-detected and must be set manually. Most people will have set a DNS host name for the machine where NoTouch Center is installed and will want to use this host name.

The URL Prefix is the base URL that the clients will use to contact NoTouch Center for services: Getting configuration via Announce or receiving OS images for Firmware Update (NTC).

By default, NoTouch Center will try to autodetect and will use its own IP address. This works in most cases. Still, you should set it correctly.



An example URL prefix could look like





Hostname or IP address?

When thinking whether to use the IP address or the host name, please consider the following:

  • A host name can be easily pointed to another machine, e.g. a new instance of NoTouch Center, in case of migration or failure (pro hostname)
  • If your DNS servers fail, clients won't be able to reach NoTouch Center (pro IP address)

There is no absolute answer. We have a preference for the host name though.

The latter case might be autodetected correctly, the others most probably won't.

Note: You do not have to explicitly state https. Clients will try to reach the machine with HTTPS, even if you enter a http prefix.

Set the URL Prefix

  1. Find the correct URL prefix and test it with a browser. Typically this involves the hostname you have chosen for NoTouch Center and entered into your DNS and adding "/easyadmin". You can also use the IP address .
  2. Click the "Gears" Settings icon in NoTouch Center (more info here: NoTouch Center Settings)
  3. In Important parameters type in your desired URL prefix in the field above "Currently Used".

Check if it works

Have a test client that is close by announce. Then see if it responded in the "Info" page. Or, check the Announce status on the client as described here: https://kb.stratodesk.com/announce#Announce-status-on-client