Leading Practices for Contacting Support.

Here are some Leading Practices for optimal time to resolution when communications with Stratodesk support

Stratodesk Support can be contacted by writing an email to support@stratodesk.com. You will receive an automated reply with a ticket number and subsequently replies from our support staff. Simply reply to these messages, keeping the subject line intact, so our system can file your response correctly into the appropriate ticket.

Our Basic Bronze support is email-only; you can get telephone or web-conference based support as a paid Premium Option.

Put yourself in the shoes of the doctor for a moment. If somebody calls in saying "something hurts" there is not much you can do; doctors usually ask for x-rays and blood/lab work. Our Support file is combined x-ray and lab work. It is better than being physically at the machine. Always send a support file!

Most important things first

When contacting support please always include:

  • Detailed error message
  • Screenshot (take it with your mobile phone)
  • Support files - think of it as an x-ray of your system: Support file and VA support file
  • A little elaboration on what you intend to do and what your problem is
  • Which articles in this knowledge base did you review and adhere to; what was the instruction that leads to error/confuses you etc.

Please avoid simple statements like "There was an error" or "it did not work" - always state the exact error message, what happened, etc. Another tip that speeds things up: Don't even let yourself being asked for a support file. Just create it! It will be helpful! Even on followup, if we instruct you to change something and your problem is still not solved, please create a new support file.

Also an important helpful tip is: Use a descriptive subject line. Do not write something like "question" or "problem" or "NoTouch issue". It helps us a lot and makes sure you get faster and better replies.

Why Stratodesk support is different

At Stratodesk we take support very seriously.

We do not outsource support to a cheap offshore location where badly trained people instruct you to do a firmware update over and over again. 

No seriously, our support teams are based in California and Austria, they are knowledgeable and they work next door to developers.

Primary support purpose

Our support staff is trained well and instructed to

  • point you to the part of the documentation that matters to your situation
  • clarify misunderstandings
  • suggest troubleshooting steps
  • suggest alternatives to equally solve your problem
  • examine support files (i.e. logs, configuration)
  • communicate with the development team on advanced topics

Support limitations

In order to ensure quality and timely response for everybody there are a few limitations, things that our free support will not do (you can still order professional services):

  • product modifications / adaptations / programming.
  • actual set-up of the system in your environment.
  • anything that is possible but marked as unsupported such as installation of third-party applications.
  • anything of the items above in a piecemeal / salami tactics approach (yes, this happens...)

You would not believe this, but the single most common type of incoming email at Stratodesk is "thank you that worked". No kidding!