How to Retrieve a Virtual Appliance (VA) Support File

Stratodesk Support Files provide detailed information to support about the health of your Virtual Appliance to reduce the time to resolution

Similar to the well-known NoTouch OS support file, you can also get a support file from a Stratodesk Virtual Appliance. It will help Stratodesk support to see what is going on inside a Stratodesk Virtual Appliance.

  1. Log in to the Virtual Appliance web-based administration console via web browser
    • E.g. if your VA is using the host name tcmgr, it would be https://tcmgr/va-admin
  2. Click on "Maintenance" under "VA Operation" in the left side menu bar
  3. Click on "Retrieve support file"

A .tar.bz2 file be downloaded. Please upload this file via

Note: Do NOT try to send it via email. It will not go through. Use the upload link above.