Manage Wifi Connections using Network Manager in NoTouch

Mobile users need to be able to simply connect to different wireless networks as they are mobile, hybrid or work from home

NoTouch does - out of the box - support both:

  • System administrators predefining network configuration
  • End users connecting to wireless networks on their own

In general you will be fine with the methods described in the Wireless LAN article.

NoTouch comes with the "Network Manager" (referring to the opensource Network Manager that is also used by Linux-GNOME), module that allows end users to configure WiFi connections themselves, much like they would on a Windows PC or Mac. This is an alternative to the method of having a system administrator predefining allowed network connections, which is also supported by NoTouch.

Activating the Network Manager

You can activate the Network Manager Service via NoTouch Center or via the device Local configuration

  • Via NoTouch Center \ Services \ Network Manager | Start Service - Set to On
  • Locally via the Device configuration panel - Go to "Services" and then "Network Manager" - Set the parameter "Network Manager" to "on"

Both options of starting the service require a device reboot

Important notes

  • By switching on the Network Manager, all other methods of WLAN configuration (such as under Interfaces or WPASupplicant) are deactivated and will not be read, no matter what you have configured there.