Integrate ThinPrint Cloud based Printing with NoTouch

Cloud based and other advanced printing can be enabled on NoTouch using ThinPrint solutions

ThinPrint is a product by Cortado. It allows to print to thin client devices. NoTouch has the ThinPrint .print client integrated. For any other printer configuration, please see here: Printer configuration

ThinPrint-related parameters are part of "Services":

  • Start ThinPrint. This controls if the .print software should be started.
  • Client bandwidth. Bandwith maximum. If left empty, the server specification will be used (recommended).
  • Client TCP port. Specifies the TCP port number to use (if left empty, the ThinPrint default of 4000 will be used).
  • Interval in seconds to try to open printers. Wait period to open a printer (if left empty, 20 seconds).
  • Number tries to open printers. How often should a printer tried to be opened (if left empty, 10 times).
  • Loglevel. ThinPrint logs are visible e.g. inside the Support file so this functionality could be useful for debugging:
    • no logging. No Logging at all will happen.
    • only error messages. Only error messages will be written to the log.
    • error and warning messages. Warnings and errors will be written to the log.
    • error, warning and information messages. Information, warnings and errors will be written to the log. This may generate a lot of output!

Technical information: All these parameter translate internally to command line options of the thnuclnt program.