Hosting files on the Stratodesk Virtual Appliance (VA)


The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance can host files which are to be distributed by NoTouch Center. For example, Certificates or desktop background images are commonly distributed in a NoTouch environment. NoTouch in general likes Web URLs, that means you'll be able to set a URL in NoTouch Center and the clients will then fetch the contents from these URLs. This is straight-forward, conforming to standards, and easy to use.

However, what if you don't have web server around or putting things on your company's Intranet server is complicated, involves other people etc.? No problem! The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance can host these files for you. See below how to upload and manage files and deduct the correct URLs.

Uploading and managing files on the VA

The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance runs several services that allow file exchange:

  • Secure Shell (SSH).
  • Windows file sharing server.
  • WebDAV-capable server.

Please reference the File exchange article for more information.

Files need to be placed in the /opt/center/root folder or various subfolders. If using SSH and SCP, you will have to copy files over via user notouchadm/SCP, and then login via SSH, become root and move them into the appropriate folder.

Now what's the URL?

Files will be served via NoTouch Center, so you need to add the correct port number (8080 for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPS). Other than that, it is really straightforward. For example,

  • a desktop background image named mywallpaper.jpg that you have put in the bg folder can be accessed as http://tcmgr:8080/bg/mywallpaper.jpg (with tcmgr being replaced by the actual IP address or hostname of your Virtual Appliance)
  • a certificate name mycertificate.crt that you have put in the cert folder can be accessed as http://tcmgr:8080/cert/mycertificate.crt (with tcmgr being replaced by the actual IP address or hostname of your Virtual Appliance)