Impact of changing the ip Address of NoTouch Center, including licensing

Stratodesk licensing is based on the ip address of your NoTouch Center. Here are items to address before changing the ip address of NoTouch Center

You can dynamically assign and change NoTouch client IP addresses and host names at any time and don't have to think about it. This article is meant for people wanting to change the IP address of the management software.

You can of course also change IP address and host name of NoTouch Center and as a consequence Stratodesk Virtual Appliance. There are just these things to consider:

  • Announce URL. NoTouch clients store the URL how to connect NoTouch Center (this is called announce). You can set the URL Prefix in NoTouch Center so that it includes your host name. In that case, a change of IP address does not matter.
    • If however your URL Prefix had never been configured, your announce URL will contain the old IP address. Your clients will not be able to connect to the new IP address unless you explicitly tell them to go to the new instance. In that case:
      • We suggest to modify the URL Prefix to a host name several days before the migration and then make sure that all clients will get the change (by doing announce requests and make sure users turn the machines on.
      • You can also turn on the "Allow to be controlled by new management console" parameter in the RCMD options. This will allow clients to listen for a new management software instance doing Search for client devices and associate to it.
  • PXE boot. If you are using PXE boot, you have set the Virtual Appliance IP address as option 66 in your DHCP server. You must change this record as well.
  • License. NoTouch Center needs a new license file: Licensing#IP address change