How to re-install NoTouch Center

NoTouch Center can be updated using GUI as well as a manual process

This article explains how to reinstall NoTouch Center on the same Windows machine where it had already been installed. Usually you would do this only if there a problem with the update routine arises.

If you are simply migrating to another host, please read on here: Migrate NoTouch Center

Again, this article is ONLY relevant if the normal Windows-based NoTouch Center update is unusable for you and you want install 'over' an older installation manually.

  1. Create a complete backup of the machine - preferably a VM snapshot. If anything fails, you want to be able to revert easily.
  2. If you use the internal MySQL database (as most users do), get a database backup as described here: Database configuration#MySQL backup and restore - save it in an easy accessible location.
  3. Stop both services, NoTouch Center database (=our MySQL) and NoTouch Center
  4. Copy the full installation folder of NoTouch to a safe and accessible backup location. Typically the installation folder is something like C:\Program Files\Stratodesk\NoTouch Center
  5. Run the NoTouch Center uninstaller. It is linked in the start menu, if not look for uninstall.exe in the above mentioned installation folder.
  6. Delete the installation folder, if it is still present. Make sure there are no leftovers.
  7. Install NoTouch Center as described here: NoTouch Center Installation (Windows)
  8. Make sure the NoTouch Center service is stopped
  9. Make sure the NoTouch Center Database (=our MySQL) service is started
  10. Restore your MySQL database backup that you created in Step 2: Once again, consult Database configuration#MySQL backup and restore - again, only if you were using the internal MySQL database
  11. Copy all the contents from these subfolders of your installation folder backup into their new locations:
    • lmc\images\ (this folder contains the lfi firmware images)
    • lmc\licenses\ (this folder contains the license jar files)
    • lmc\root\ (this is where you would have put custom background images, certificates, other things, if any...)
  12. Copy the Configuration properties file from the backup folder, overwriting the existing file in the new installation:
    • lmc\etc\
  13. Start the NoTouch Center service